World Artists for Tibet: Thailand Version from 5 July - 30 August, 1998.

World Artists for Tibet is, a world - wide artistic event, conceived by Flemish artist Frank Liefooghe and members of the European Parliament Jessica Larive and Oliver Dupuis (representing the Tibet Intergroup of the European Parliament), who have taken the initiative to organize a world - wide artistic event.

The goal of this project is to bring worldwide attention to the situation in Tibet. While many people know that Tibet is under Chinese colonial rule, few are aware of the extensive human rights violations, which are being perpetrated against the Tibetan people. Restrictions are placed on religious expression; monasteries and nunneries are attacked, nuns and monks expelled or imprisoned; Tibetan children are forbidden to learn their own language or study their culture; political dissidents are silenced through imprisonment, torture and death; and women are forced to undergo abortions and sterilization.

In Thailand, this project was started by Niti Wattuya, a Bangkok based visual artist, who was contacted by Frank Liefooghe in December 1996. With an assistance of Project 304 an alternative art space in Bangkok, and a collobaration with the Thai - Tibet Center, this project was well responded by local artists with all disciplines who show their interests in participating to this world wide artistic event. Project 304 invited local visual artists, performing artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, video makers and musicians to join the show. Art works will be exhibited in three art spaces in Dusit area, Bangkok. Special events such as concert, performing arts, film and video screening and poetry reading will be conducted regularly during the two months period. Panel discussions and lecture on Tibetan issues related to religion, politic, art and culture will be strongly focused.

To promote Tibetan art, culture and identity to Thai people by setting the information center to the audience.
Giving the accurate picture about Tibetan current situation to the audience by conducting seminar & discussion about the important issues.
To express the humanistic concern by using artistic expression through works of arts in various forms such as art exhibitions, performing arts, music and films.
To stimulate the mutual understanding among Thai artists as well as work collaboratively with international artists in different manners.

Participating organizations:
Project 304, 303 Open Space, Studio 1109, Thai - Tibet Center, The International WOW Company, Spirit of Education Movement (SEM) and MAHACHULA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY, Bangkok.

Funded by Sathirakoses Nagapradipa Foundation and Thai Tibet Center, Bangkok, Thailand and Mr Gyari Lodi, International Campaign for Tibet.

Project 304
1129/64 Co-Op Housing Bldg. Thoetdamri Rd.,
Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand Tel.Fax. 662 668 515

Surasri Kusolwong
Kreecha Phupaiboo
Varsha Nair
Tawatchai Pansawasdi
Yannawit Kunchaethong
Chatchai Puipia
Morakot Kateklao
Silawat Romayanon
Kamol Phaosavasdi
Montri Toemsombat
Chitti Kasemkitvattana

Rirkrit Tiravanij
Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Jaques Bekaert
Chalermchai Jaroendeeying
Paisit Panprueksachat

Santipap Inkong-ngam
Reji Oka
Paisan Plienbangchang
Michael Shaowanasai
Narumol Thammapruksa