PACT Festival - A Music and Dance Festival - Brussels (Belgium) - 19th - 31st August 1998

Description: For the first time in their history Brussels is hosting a summer festival to benefit children in refugee camps. Not only a unique event for Belgium, but for Europe and other continents, this new festival aims at creating funds for cultural centers in refugee camps, dormitories where needed, and to promote Tibetan arts. This yearly festival will attract international attention. Sponsors from all over the world are offered the opportunity to participate in a happening that will continue world-wide.

The first two years PACT will help the Tibetan children in the North of India. At the first PACT festival stars from the music, dance and Opera scene have agreed to donate their performances both in the master classes (voice, piano, modern dance, ballet, yoga…) and in the specially conceived gala's. Their colleagues from the movie and fashion industry are also joining them. Our Prime Minister, the Royal Opera House, the City of Brussels, our Ministries, World Artists fir Tibet, Hoisting Equipment Belgium, Maison Delvaux, Hotel Movenpick and countless other artists make it possible that over 50 events will take place in less than two weeks. The media, radio and television are also invited to broadcast this new festival and encourage their audience to participate. Especially required are lodgings for our quest artists in the festival.

All those interested in helping, please write or call:
34 Rue de la Duchesse
1200 Brussels
Tel/Fax: +32-1 733 14 05 or Fax only: PACT c/o B/S +32-2 640 55 01