Month of May

Femme Vitale, a group of woman artists, will be doing a project for The World Artists for Tibet events in the gallery space at The Times Square Hotel in New York City as part of the Hotel's show for human rights in May. The project will be a chain of life size paperdolls; each participant will be outlined on paper and they will take it home to decorate as they see fit. The finished dolls will be returned to Femme at the hotel so they can be cut out and hung holding hands. Since the space accommodates more dolls then there are members of Femme Vitale, we'll be inviting other artists, children, and residents from the hotel (which was recently featured on "60 Minutes" for it's outstanding work rehabilating the homeless back into mainstream society).

Femme Vitale would like to encourage other groups to do their own paperdoll chains in venues outside of New York. We ask that these groups let us know about their projects and provide us with any available documentation or photographs, Femme Vitale will be making a video and we'd like to include these other group chains as part of the process. We are very excited by the idea of these chains showing up all over the states, or even all over the world, and we feel it would be a powerful statement of unity and compassion that could, like the AIDS quilt, continue to grow.

Femme Vitale can be reached through:
Maureen McCarron
128 Thompson St #7
NY, NY 10012